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Zanzibar – Stone Town Day Tour

Tanzania - Unguja Island , Tanzania, United Republic of

Zanzibar – Stone Town Day Tour

Duration :   1 Day
The Price :   $ 35
Max People :    6
Age Range :   All Ages
Total Seats :  12/12
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The heart of Stone Town mostly consists of a maze of narrow alleys lined by houses, shops, bazaars and mosques. Since most streets are too narrow for cars, the town is crowded with bicycles and motorbikes. The seafront has wider streets and larger, more regularly placed buildings.

Stone Town’s architecture has a number of distinctive features, as a result of Arab, Persian, Indian, European, and African traditions mixing together. The name “Stone Town” comes from the ubiquitous use of coral stone as the main construction material; this stone gives the town a characteristic, reddish warm colour. Traditional buildings have a baraza, a long stone bench along the outside walls; this is used as an elevated sidewalk if heavy rains make the streets impracticable, or otherwise as benches to sit down, rest, socialize. Another key feature of most buildings is large verandas protected by carved wooden balustrades. The best-known feature of Zanzibari houses are the finely decorated wooden doors, with rich carvings and bas-reliefs, sometimes with big brass studs of Indian tradition. Two main types of doors can be distinguished: those of Indian style have rounded tops, while those in the Omani Arab style are rectangular. Carvings are often Islamic in content (for example, many consist of verses of the Qur’an), but other symbolism is occasionally used, e.g., Indian lotus flowers as emblems of prosperity.

Stone Town is punctuated with major historical buildings, several of which are found on the seafront; these include former palaces of the sultans, fortifications, churches, mosques, and other institutional buildings.

Places You’ll See :

Visit the House of Wonder to see the collection of stored culture

1House of Wonder

Schedule Details

09:00 - Meet and Greet

Getting everyone together for a day of fun

09:30 - Travel to Stone Town

Forward to Stone Town

What's Included

  • Local Guide
  • Transport To And From

What's Excluded

  • Boat Transfer To Island
  • Lunch Provided


  • Shopping
  • Walking
  • Wining and Dining

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